Breathe brochure

Breathe Vystex

Here at hellosleep, we love sleep, and we’ve been making mattresses from our factory in Abingdon for over 30 years.

We’re always looking for the latest technologies and products that can improve getting some quality shut eye! So, we were thinking; what if you could take all the great things from a memory foam mattress, the pressure relief and great comfort, BUT take away some of the negative things? The heat issue, reaction to temperature (like a brick in the winter, soft in the summer) and lack of breathability.

So we created Breathe! A ventilated mattress that allows air to flow through it allowing cooler sleeping. The special viscoelastic material we use doesn’t react to heat so it provides the same great comfort all year round!

Tests show its 47% cooler than standard memory foams! As well as all the technical stuff, it’s really comfy and that’s the most important part. We like it, try it for yourself!

Breathe Fusion+

The Breathe Fusion+ mattress is the ultimate in comfort and support, 2000 lovely pocket springs combined with 7cm of Breathe Vystex and we’ve also added a special comfort layer in the middle of the mattress that gives it a really soft and luxurious feel. Lie back and drift away to a deep cool sleep!

Breathe Fusion

The Breathe Fusion mattress provides the best of both worlds, the unique Breathe material which provides great comfort and cooler sleeping, with the bouncy pocket sprung feel of a more traditional mattress. Featuring 1500 pocket springs providing individual support to the body and 7cm of Breathe Vystex which will provide pressure relief and keep you nice and cool!

Breathe Pure

The Breathe Pure mattress provides luxurious comfort, it has the feel of a memory foam mattress with out the negatives of heat and lack of breathability. The revolutionary Breathe material allows air to always circulate around the product, keeping you cool and it doesn’t need heat to work so you will enjoy the same great comfort and support all year round!

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