Our Story

Here at hellosleep, we love sleep, and we’ve been making mattresses from our factory in Abingdon for over 30 years. We’re always looking for the latest technologies and products that can improve getting some quality shut eye!

Happy Sleep

We are all different. Our age, size, race, religion, health, wealth and happiness makes each and every one of us unique.

We do have something in common though (other than being human!), we all sleep…. every one of us.

You can choose what you do in life; nurse, teacher, mother, carer, beautician, electrician, solicitor, hairdresser, fireman, office worker, preacher, blogger (but sleep is something you need) so this isn’t a choice, this is a necessity. We don’t often talk seriously about it but you can not live without one thing and that is sleep.

Take it back thousands of years. What would we have in common with people living so long ago?

Sleep is the single most needed function of the human race that we have control over. Yes we breathe and we need that but we don’t have to choose for how long, when and where we breathe, its natural and happens without consideration.  

So when we look at sleep choices it must mean something. Your body can not function unless you sleep. You need a mattress that suits you and your personal needs in terms of comfort and support.

Hellosleep is available in retail stores so you can try out the Breathe Range for yourself. We think it’s really important to choose the perfect mattress. Whether it’s just for you, you and the dog, 3 cats, husband, wife or your buying for Aunt Mavis…give it a try as we are sure you will love our mattresses.

At hellosleep we love sleep and our mission is to make you love your sleep.

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